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Our Nano CBD is made by starting with an organic full spectrum CBD oil extracted with supercritical CO2 from pesticide-free industrial hemp grown in the United States under strict federal guidelines.

The extracted oil is then ran through a proprietary process that micronizes the CBD compound from a standard 2,000 nanogram’s in size to 67-68 nanogram’s in size allowing for the CBD to become a nanoparticle thats much more capable of penetrating skin layers and entering into the blood stream more effectively.

Nano CBD is said to be 10 times more bio-available than isolated CBD products providing a nearly 80% absorption rate compared to an isolates 4%-30% absorption rates.

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Nanoparticle CBD is on the horizon as the next best thing in CBD because it allows for more accurate dosing and measurements when producing CBD products.

Not only that, Nano CBD also has a much higher bioavailability when consumed or applied topically, meaning it’ll absorb into the bloodstream more effectively and efficiently providing a more consistent and thorough dose to the desired areas. Imagine CBD isolate molecules are the size of a beach ball, and full spectrum nanoparticle CBD is the size of a golf ball, and your skin is a chainlink fence. Now throw both the beach ball and the golfball at that fence, which one has a greater chance of getting through the holes in the fence? makes you wonder doesn’t it? At Rise we provide both Full Spectrum and Nano CBD products so that you have a choice as to what works best for you.

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I’m a facial cream connoisseur. I love to try new things so when CBD hit the market, I was all in to try it! This cream is BOMB! It’s the perfect texture, but also doesn’t leave a greasy film on your face like a lot of creams do. Total fan!

WillowCertified Owner

I absolutely love this cream. It has a slight aroma that smells great..it’s definitely not overpowering. The cream goes on smooth and doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy afterwards. It makes me GLOW!

AvaCertified Owner


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